Pest Control

Are the pests that have made their way into your home really starting to BUG you?  Let us help!

We are fully trained and licenced to provide expert advice and services which will manage and treat your pest problems safely and effectively.

After an inspection of the affected area/s we will recommend a customised management plan to suit your needs.

So if cockroaches are roaming around your kitchen at night, spiders are crawling on your children’s outdoor play equipment or ants are using your pantry like a grocery store then it’s maybe time to give us a call.


No more roaches

Cockroaches are nocturnal and like to roam around in your kitchen after human activity has stopped for the night. They are known to carry harmful bacteria and with such a short period from hatching to fully grown, you can find your home over run with these disease carrying insects before you know it.


no more ants

.Ants can be quite a nuisance! leaving little brown dirt mounds all over your lawn and marching in that long single file from the tinniest crack in your wall to that crumb left on the kitchen bench or to your pets food bowl.


no more spiders

Spiders can be venomous and are often found in places that you least expect. They are usually active at night. So during the daylight hours they might seek shelter in and around kids play equipment, shoes, gloves from the gardening shed, under the spare bed, pot plants, picture frames etc